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Re: Usman Faruk – the last man standing departs

Thanks for your most beautiful and moving tribute to Alhaji Usman Faruk. I was his lawyer  and vetted and worked together with him on all the petitions. I was much younger than him but he always had a smile for me and was extremely humble.

When I reflect on what he was accused of and the struggles he went through (some of them financial) I testify to the fact that he was a saint compared to the present crop of state governors. I learned a lot from him. He was always punctual. I also learnt the courage never to give up on my abused rights no matter how aggressive and oppressive my adversaries are and to be patient.

What sank deep into me about his sterling qualities is that he was never bitter. He never cursed anyone. He was just deeply focused on the infraction of his civil and proprietary rights.

May he be the recipient of Allah’s ultimate mercy.

Hussaini Abdulrahman