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Yusuf Buhari: No one should attempt to disagree with my mum… she’s a fighter

Yusuf, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari, has described his mother as a fighter.

First Lady Aisha Buhari is known for expressing her mind, irrespective of how controversial an issue is.

In “Aisha Buhari: Being Different”, the biography of his mother, the first son spoke on the bond he has with the first lady.

He said he cannot do anything without telling his mother but there have been times when he would go ahead to do things that she does not agree with.

The book, which was authored by Hajo Sani, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administration and Women Affairs, was launched at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Thursday.

“She is very loving and caring. I  call her a doctor, an unofficial doctor. She has a prescription for everyone’s problems ; she has a solution up her sleeves for whatever issues may be brought before her. She is very funny, and she is a fighter, whom no one should attempt to disagree with as well. She goes all the way, till she sees the end of issues. She makes her point known and finds a way to make it stick,” the author quoted Yusuf to have said.

“She dedicated most of her life, if not all to Adda, Halima, Zahrah, Hanan and she has been there for us, all the time. Her nurturing and love have been nothing short of divine as she gives of herself time and time again, to ensure that we are whole.

“We really don’t know how to appreciate her, because nothing anyone can do right now, will be enough to equal her attention and sacrifice. It will take a lifetime to pay her back, even more, I believe.

“She has a keen sense of things and tends to know everything. She is also very involved in, and inquisitive about our lives as individuals, she actually wants to know it all, and she has the right advice to offer in most cases. I can’t do anything without telling her, and even when I know she will disagree, I still have to tell her.

“Sometimes, when she disagrees, I still go ahead to do what I want and then she will let me learn the hard way, still with no judgment.”