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You are uniquely designed to win


God designed you to win in life and He gave you winning assets, natural assets and spiritual assets. Let us look at your primary winning asset: Your Unique Natural Ability or Abilities; Your Talent, your potential. There are four P-letter words you must be familiar with: purpose, potential, power, pain. God’s Goals, Gift and Glory. God has goals for you to accomplish and has given you gifts and placed His glory on you to make that happen. Your gift creates your identity. Matthew 7:20 says, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” This is very important. We are designed to be known by what we produce. Your gift defines you. It determines what you are ordained to produce. You are custom designed and assigned; you’re designed for your assignment. You are not an accident and your talent is not a mistake. A mango tree is known by the mango fruits. It is your gift that makes you known. That means no one will pay attention to you if you don’t know your gift. If you don’t define and refine your gift, no one will find you. You will not go far without your gift.

The reason most believers are unrecognised, uninspired, unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied in life is because they have ignored their potential. There was no dull moment in Joseph’s life. What about David, Peter, Paul, etc!

Your gift is the source of your value and your reward. The Bible says, “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16. That means doors remain shut until you discover and deploy your gift or gifts. That means you remain broke and frustrated until you activate your gift for the benefit of the world. Your greatness, therefore, is deposited in your gift. You get paid for the value you bring. The doors that open to you is determined by the gift you carry. It is designed to feed you and take you places. I travel around the world because of my gift. It makes room for you in strange places. Education or a certificate will not do that for you except you trained in the area of your gift. You might be educated but no one will value you. It is your alignment with divine purpose that activates your potential and triggers the flow of divine provision. Once you surrender to purpose, provision begins to chase you.

Educated people look for employment but gifted people create employment; for themselves and for others. This is the reason God gives gifts to everyone. We have the gifts of the Father or the natural gifts, the gifts of the Son (the fivefold ministries), and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You may have no certificate, but you have a gift. There is a product hidden inside you! Find it, develop it, multiply it, distribute it and doors will open for you everywhere. A man’s gift is so powerful it makes room for him in the world system. It defies their hatred and opposition to make room for you. Your gift is so powerful your enemies come and pay you for it. Your enemies come to you and pay you because of your gift. They don’t believe what you believe but they come because you’re carrying something that they need. A man’s gift is so powerful it makes room for him before ruling authorities.

The gift of the tree is in the fruit. When you go to a mango tree you don’t go to admire the leaves or bark how beautiful it is, but you go for the fruit. People may not like you, but they jump fences and come for your gift. Many Europeans have probably not seen a cocoa tree, but they pay highly for the fruit in form of chocolate.

Your gift is the source of your value. You get paid for the value you bring. Until you find your gift, no one will find you and you might die broke.

Does Your Gift Have You?

It’s true you have your gift, but the question is, does your gift have you?

Until you identify your gift and surrender to it, it will not produce for you.

How do you know that your gift has possessed you? When it starts to determine how you spend your time, where you go, what you do and who you hang out with, how you spend your resources, etc.

When Jesus was baptized and the Holy Ghost came upon Him, He came into awareness of His gift. His gift took Him over. His life was never the same again. As He began to use His gift, His fame started spreading like wildfire and people came looking for Him from far and near. Once you allow your gift to take you over, doors begin to open for you.

Your gift is what makes you a people-magnet. It makes you a money-magnet.

Your gift could be marketing. It could be creativity (remember creative artists – singers, actors, producers, etc. and how they are now making money?), it could be sports, it could be administration, it could be management, it could be writing, it could be information technology or any other technology, it could be communication, it could be cooking delicious meals, it could be service.

Don’t Ignore Your Gift

Everyone is born with potential, but not everyone ever gets to use them. We have been brought up to ignore them altogether. To ignore your potential or gift, is to sabotage your value and destroy your greatness. It is not what you lack that stops you from winning; it is what you have which you have chosen to ignore. A widow ignored her little pot of oil because she did not think it was significant. When a prophet showed her what to do with it, her life and the lives of her two boys changed. The disciples of Jesus ignored five loaves of bread and two fishes until Jesus called for it; it fed five thousand men. To win, you must discover, develop and use your unique natural potential. To have self-actualisation, you first need to have self-discovery. God created you to excel in certain areas. There’s something you have that others don’t have. You have something I need, and I have something you need. Those who ignore or fail to develop their talents end up cheap copies of someone else. You cannot become a champion running with someone else’s talent unless it is similar to yours. You sign up for mediocrity when you ignore your talent. God designed your gift to bring you before kings. Your greatness is tied to what God has wired you to do well. Joseph had the ability to interpret dreams; he ended up at the top doing just that. He translated Pharaoh’s dream into reality. What do you have that you are ignoring? It is not too late to start developing and using it.

Happy Sunday!


Bishop Dr Charles Olowojoba is the General Overseer of Dayspring Bible Church Worldwide with HQ in Abuja, Nigeria & President, Dayspring Christian Ministries Int’l.