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Those preaching violence are cowards – Allen Onyema

Mr Allen Onyema.

Founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria (FEHN), Mr. Allen Onyema, has said those preaching violence in the country are cowards.

He said Nigerians must continue to live peacefully, saying whatever agitations can be addressed in an atmosphere with dialogue.

Onyema, who is the Chairman/CEO of Air Peace, spoke in Lagos on the sidelines of the 25th League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) conference.

Onyema, who was instrumental to the dialogue with the Niger Delta militants that culminated in the FG’s amnesty programme, said, “For those of us preaching hate, Rwanda beckons on you. Rwanda that happened before beckons on you.

“When I talk about unity and peace, a lot of people might want to behead me but I don’t give a damn. But the truth is that when it happens those of them who want to see the country go up in flames might even be the victims.

“You and me seated here criticise the President. When I am talking about unity and peace, preaching peace, I am not a coward. Anybody preaching violence is the biggest coward. So when we preach peace, it is not about we are cowards.

“I am not saying there are no injustices in the country. We want a country where justice, equity and fairness actually reign, no doubt about that. But we can address these issues peacefully. Nobody ever knew that Niger Delta issues would come to an end at the time it came to an end.”

Onyema also charged fellow airline operators not to engage in “devilish competition.”

“So let us not engage in devilish competition as airlines. It will not help. The sky is so large and big for everybody. This is a country of over 200m people. We don’t even have enough airlines. Let more airlines come. Let us not engage in devilish competition,” he added.