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Why youths should embrace peace

Youths, in any country that desires sustainable development, cannot do without peace. Peace is important to the development of any country. Youth can be described as the asset that provides a profitable and purposeful profit in uplifting the nation. This means that youth should embrace peace.

No mission or vision can be achieved without peace. Peace remains the precursor that would lead you to climb the highest position beyond your imagination. So long as peace can be destroyed or hampered, nothing can be realized apart from a retrogressive atmosphere.

The value of peace has put it to such a proficient position that must be tailored, established and nurtured before any other thing to come.

Nigerian youths should put themselves on notice that whatever they desire or whatever they are agitating for, peace must be their priority.

Youths should believe that the future of this country rests on their shoulder, it means without their collective efforts, mutual understanding and unity of purpose, no progress can be achieved.

Youths should know that many politicians of our country use disunity, enmity and hatred existing among them to stay in power while they are busy fighting themselves.

Advisably, Nigerian youths should know that without peace, they wouldn’t have been in existence and lack of it only brings further chaos and destruction. Youths are the muscle of the nation and as such the keepers of the peace.

Nigerian youth remain the centrepiece and cornerstone for making a greater better and prosperous Nigeria.

Aliyu Ibrahim Usman writes from Abubakar Tatari Polytechnic, Bauchi