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Why you may need deliverance

Welcome to the Month of Deliverance! Coincidentally, the nation obtained independence in the month of October I believe God is going to be addressing fundamental issues…

Welcome to the Month of Deliverance! Coincidentally, the nation obtained independence in the month of October

I believe God is going to be addressing fundamental issues in your life this month. We all know that the outcome of life differs from one person to another. Some start well and finish badly; some start badly and never recover at all. For such people, life is one continuous struggle. Some start well and finish well. You will end well! 

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I used to wonder if God has destined some to fail and others to succeed until I began to minister deliverance to people. I have seen many ‘good’ people suffer. Honest, hardworking, prayerful believers not meddling with sin, unable to get a job, secure accommodation or get married or enjoy the blessings God promised us in the Bible. I know of a pretty young lady who was engaged to be married. As soon as discussions became serious concerning the marriage, the man began to develop cold feet for no reason at all. He began to resent her for no just cause. He called off the marriage plans. The lady came to me, deeply troubled. After taking a detailed history and ministering to her, things changed immediately and the plans went ahead. Barren women have conceived after being ministered to. While deliverance may not be the answer to all problems, it certainly prepares the foundation for take-off. Even after ministration, one will still have to apply the principles of success for one to succeed. 

I also know a man who was jobless for close to 8 years after graduation until he was ministered to. The job he landed few weeks after, entitled him to a car, a driver, a big house and a steward. Why the sudden change of fortunes? The demons causing obstruction in his life were cast out! 

Many people have been delivered from vagabond spirits and spirits that cause near-success syndrome. People who suffer from this syndrome find it difficult to complete things. People always disappoint them at the last minute.  

Israel spent many years wandering around outside the hill country of Seir on their way to the Promised Land until God told them to advance. People sometimes stagnate in life. Stagnation does not necessarily mean being static. Israel was moving but around the same mountain in a circle. They were spending time without making progress. There was motion without advancement. There was activity without productivity. Every movement that does not lead to progress must be investigated and dealt with. Most times the devil doesn’t ground you completely. He lets you move but around the same spot. 

God created and designed you for greatness and not for mediocrity. You are the head and not the tail. Greatness is your birthright. Why do people stagnate? What are the forces involved? Most importantly, how can these forces be destroyed? These are the issues we will be focusing on this month. On Wednesdays we will be praying powerful warfare and deliverance prayers. Invite your friends and neighbours to attend with you. JESUS IS LORD!

Your own story can change today. You too can be free. God did not create you to fail. In Christ you are destined to win and win big. 

Some have asked if deliverance is necessary for a believer since the Bible says that a believer is a new creation, all things are become new. This Scripture is often misunderstood and misapplied. If for instance you were owing someone some money before you gave your life to the Lord, will the debt pass away? Will it be one of the old things that pass away? No! Likewise, there are ancestral spiritual debts that must be settled. You will have to pay. If old things are passed away in that sense why do we still remember our names and all the things we did in the flesh? Why do we need to have our minds renewed? Why don’t we begin to prosper automatically? Why do we still experience failure and poverty?  

It is not my intention to go into arguments here. The truth is, I have seen peoples’ lives changed dramatically after deliverance ministration. Wisdom is justified by her children. Deliverance of cause is no solution to everything, you have to fill your mind and spirit with the Word of God, live by faith and walk right. You have to live by the principles of tithing and sowing seeds for your desired harvest etc. It is true a believer cannot be demon POSSESSED but he or she can be demon OPPRESSED. 

Have you been struggling through life?  Do you feel obstructed in progress? Are you getting less than you know you should from your efforts in life? God, who set the mad man of Gadara free, who changed the fortunes of poor widows, who set many free, will change your story.

In summary here are the reasons we undergo deliverance ministration:

1. To rescue yourself and family members from evil family strongholds

2. To destroy evil altars.

3. To be set free from evil powers monitoring your life.

4. To recover what the cankerworms, caterpillars, and palmerworms have destroyed (Joel 2:25)

5. So that God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can attend to your prayers

6. To attain holiness and purity

7. To fulfill your destiny to the glory of God, as appointed by Him

8. To achieve your goals in life.  

Wise people seek for help. People who suffer from physical ailments go to doctors. Those who are experiencing spiritual problems should not hesitate to seek for spiritual assistance. Let your story begin to change today. I see you coming out of that life of struggle and defeat. Come and find out more. Don’t miss this opportunity, don’t miss any Service this October.   

Bishop Dr Charles Olowojoba is the General Overseer of Dayspring Bible Church Worldwide with HQ in Abuja, Nigeria & President, Dayspring Christian Ministries Int’l.