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What every Muslim should know before buying ram for Sallah

Yasir Muhammad, a Lagos resident, wanted to purchase ram and he had only N45,000. He knew the money was too low for a mid-sized ram…

Yasir Muhammad, a Lagos resident, wanted to purchase ram and he had only N45,000.

He knew the money was too low for a mid-sized ram but he was comfortable with just anything regardless of the size.

He was used to slaughtering ram every year and did not want the 2021 Sallah to be different despite not having enough money to buy a big ram.

Anything goes as far as it is a ram.

Why the rush for ram?

Is it only rams that should be slaughtered for the Eid-ul-Adha celebration?

The Imam, University of Abuja mosque, Prof Taofeek Abd Azeez in an exclusive chat with Daily Trust admitted that asides ram, Muslims should know that Islam permits three other different types of animals that can be slaughtered.

According to an international Muslim scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Ferkus, the animals that can be slaughtered are camels (camel and she-camel), cows (cow and ox) sheep (ram and ewe) and goats (billy goat and nanny goat).

Before purchase of any of these, Sheikh Ferkus advised Muslims to ask for the age of the animal as an under-age animal cannot be slaughtered for the Eid-ul-Adha feast.

Various Islamic scholars insisted the age of the animal individuals planned to slaughter should meet a minimum of; one year in age for ram and goats, two years in age for cows and buffalo, and five years in age for camels.

Sheikh Ferkus in his explanation on his web page, ferkous.com indicated that “a sacrificial animal is not accepted under these ages for all these kinds, except in case it is difficult to get a sheep (ram) fulfilling the required age.

In such a case, a Jadha,` which is a six-month-old sheep, suffices.”

Asides considering the maturity of the ram, Prof Abd Azeez emphasized that the ram should not have any form of deformity in any part of its body such as a slit ear, broken horn or leg.

“It should be a wholesome animal for sacrifice,” he said.

An animal with deformity would be obvious but how can individuals know the age of an animal.

Prof Taofeek responded, “Animals who are mature and already up to a year old can be identified through the horn. The horn of a ram will make a bend; the number of twists is the number of years of the ram. The same thing with the cow. The cow’s horn may not twist but it will bend. If the cow’s horn has not shot out enough to bend, then, it is not matured for slaughtering for Sallah. Goat’s horn will not twist but a mature goat’s horn must have more than one finger. If it is not longer than your longest finger, then, it is not up to one year, no matter the size. Meanwhile, if the person selling insisted the ram is up to a year, you will see the commencement of the twisting as some animals have stunted growth. However, some do feed the animals some kind of feed to make them grow big.”

Addressing concerns of Nigerians including Yasir, the Imam pleaded individuals who are incapable of killing any of the required animals due to financial reasons should desist from slaughtering.

“If you have school fees to pay as well as other commitments and you don’t have any money now, you are not allowed in Islam to borrow to buy a ram, goat, cow or camel. You are not slaughtering for people to be impressed but you are worshipping Allah. Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure. What Allah has not given you, He does not ask from you. You are not going to miss anything if you don’t slaughter. The people around you who slaughter are obligated to give you,” said the professor.

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