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Welcome to a New Year – Letter to Nigerians from beyond!!

This is a public letter to Nigerians from ‘beyond’. Make of it what you will!My dear children in Nigeria,I welcome you all to a New…

This is a public letter to Nigerians from ‘beyond’. Make of it what you will!
My dear children in Nigeria,
I welcome you all to a New Year.
Many of you have been wondering where I have been, or why l have allowed all the ‘terrible’ events going on around you in Nigeria to take place.
It may shock you to know that I have been with you all the time. I have always been with you; it is you who never remembers. Most of you profess to know me, yet you allow the worries and concerns of life, distractions all, to take you from me. You have also failed to recognize and receive several messages I have been sending you through Messengers who are amongst you. So, here I am sending you another one.
To start with do not expect me to tell you what you want to hear. Remember that my ways are different from yours. I revealed this to you through all the holy books written by some of you under inspiration.
In the beginning I created every human, and every thing, perfect in all ways following a universal, unchangeable order.
When I finished my creative act, it was truly finished. There was nothing more to create that was not created. I gave to you everything that you would ever need to fulfill your purpose here on earth and even beyond (yes, there is a beyond). You see, I created you in my image and likeness and, thereby, you inherited the power to become co‐creators with me. I gave you the greatest gift of all ‐ freewill ‐ the freedom to choose what you want for yourself, plus the power to re‐create those choices. Since then it is you who has been re-creating and doing all the re-ordering of things in accordance to your choices. And your experiences have been the product of your handiwork, all the time.
You recreated governments, geographical boundaries, politics, traditions, law and order, art, science, technology, even religions and doctrines for yourselves. You even kill one another, you kidnap, you steal, you cheat, you lie, you do all these things for your own perceived ‘good’ but many of you have been claiming it is for me.
Can you limit me? I am not human to need any of those things from you. What can you offer me that I could not have created myself?
Remember, I am everywhere and at all times. I am in everything that ever existed and that will ever exist, far beyond your limited human comprehension. I am the air that you breathe, and the waves that wash your beaches; I am the salt of the earth, and the energy of the cosmos; I am the breath that sustains you; I am the up and the down of everything; I am in the East and the West, the North and the South; I am the alpha and the omega. What I am not does not exist! In short, I am everything! So, do not be arrogant, for I do not need anything from you.
Seek other things therefore, not me. You always forget that I am with you and in you, all the time, forever and ever. I love you that much as to remain with you and in you, unconditionally, world without end, whatever you think, or do, or say.
Understand that my name is Love. And remember that my only instructions to you were to love me and to love one another (that is, to only do to another what you want for yourself), period!
My love is free, limitless and unconditional. Were it not so, who amongst you would survive? Look at my ‘reaction’ to the actions of those amongst you that claim to be acting on my behalf and you will understand what I mean. My standards are not your standards; so, you ignorantly underestimate the capacity of my love.
Once again, you have to understand that I am always with you and in you. That’s why your holy books describe your body as my temple.
You are all special and unique, yet you are all the same. That is a divine mystery that you can understand if you examine it closely.
What each one of you does affects the entire universe and every other being. Even your breath! With each act of yours the universe reacts in accordance with the equilibrium of the eternal order of things, established at Creation. This ‘reaction’ of the universe to your ‘action’ is what you all credit to me. You forget that it is the effect of your own action, your choice, not mine! That is the unchangeable order. That’s how important and interdependent you all are to one another.
You are all endowed with power beyond what you can ever imagine or measure. I gave it to you ALL. In my unchanging nature it is still with you, every one of you, undiminished, and forever. To experience it, you must tap from it. That is, you must connect to it (me) inside of you and use it. Because I can do all things, and I am in you and with you, that means also that you have the capacity to do ALL things!
I ask you, why do you not connect to me, when I abide in you? The answer is simple – you are distracted. You forget, always, my relationship with you. You can even move mountains, I tell you, if only you remember and tap the energy you inherited from me that is residing idly within you.
I repeat: I do not need anything from you. It is you who needs ALL things from me, an obligation that I have already rendered to you at creation. I have fulfilled my own part of the relationship I created between us! It is you that needs now to play your own part.  
In answer to your worry about where I have been since all these mayhem started in your country, therefore, I guess you know the answer now. I have been with you all the time, observing.
Think! Change your ways and make your country a paradise on earth. The resources you need, the tools you need, the leaders you need, and the power to do these things I have provided you from the dawn of creation and they all still reside within you! Therefore, go and use them all wisely.
Remember, I am with you always, observing. Go fix your country!
Yours forever, Love!

This same article was published by the writer some 12 years ago.

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