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Valington Homes unveils unique business model for 2021

Valington Homes and Properties Ltd

A leading real estate development and marketing company, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd has unveiled its business model for 2021, stating that it will use top-quality building materials and ensure timely delivery of projects, transparency and accountability to customers.

The Managing Director, Mr Valentine Abiji, who spoke during the unveiling of the model in Abuja at the weekend, said it is a top priority of the organisation to ensure customer satisfaction, noting that the presence of customers at the event was a reciprocation of the organisation’s gesture.

Chairman of the ceremony Chief Steven Nweze, who spoke at the event which also witnessed awards presentation ceremony,  said “Valington Homes and Properties Ltd will strengthen its commitment to quality and affordability of homes to Nigerians,” reiterating that housing is one of the essential needs of man.

“Irrespective of whether or not you are working in the private or public sector, Valington Homes and Properties Ltd has put in place very flexible payment methods that will enable you to fulfil your dream of home ownership,” the chairman added.

In his speech, the Executive Director of the firm, Engr Darlington Ugota, said the organisation is committed to ‘bridging the gap between estate developers and residents of the Federal Capital Territory,’ and that “professionalism, excellence, integrity and mutual respect will continue to be the watchwords” of the organisation.

“We have expanded our frontiers and now market for very reputable estate companies like SEMAN metropolis estate, Leisure court estate, Iman estate, Royal City Luxury Homes, Palazzo estates, Mckesson luxury homes and others.”