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USAID, AUN,FME review software for annual school census

The Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in collaboration with American University of Nigeria (AUN) and United State Agency for International Development(USAID) have reviewed a new software that will be used for the generation and transmission of annual school census data via web or mobile device from different state to national data base.

The two-day review meeting which was tagged “Strengthening education in north east Nigeria States” was held at the AUN north campus at the Academy Conference room, Yola.

Akinwumi Gbenga, a consultant to national education management information system under the ministry of education Abuja, said before the development of the software, a paper based enumeration; data collection was used from different states.

He therefore explained the purpose of the meeting is to do a technical review of the software, checking for the user friendliness of the system and looking at the quality assurance of the system, in terms of both data validation control and logic control in the software in order to get the software ready for usage and to ensure quality inter-collection.

He reiterates that the software, NEMIS was named after the National Education Management Information System. It is an online data processing tool for data synchronization at the national level.

Gbenga said education data management has been a very serious issue in Nigeria, the challenges have been many, with the newly built software, and they can overcome the challenges.

He urged participant to be persistence and committed in order to get to know more on the usage of the new software.

Participants present at the review include those from ministries of education Gombe, Abuja, Adamawa and Information Technology specialist from Adamawa state University and AUN.



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