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UPU decries politically motivated killings in Urhobo land

President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Olorogun Moses Taiga, yesterday called on politicians and other stakeholders in Urhobo land, Delta State, to eschew violence and killings as the 2023 general elections approach.

Taiga, in a statement yesterday, decried the high rate of politically motivated killings allegedly taking place in Urhobo land.

He made references to the three killings; two last years and one this year, of a young politician who was killed on his way to Asaba in respect of the local government elections in 2020.

He also cited the case of another politician that was killed in Ughelli South, last year and lamented that in the last few days, another young politician was brazenly hacked down in Sapele with few other suspicious political undertone assassinations.

He said: “But local government politicking is on and the 2023 elections politicking is already on, though the elections are still two years away. Are these deaths coincidences? The UPU does not know, but they are worrisome and ominous. Urhobo politics and elections have always been intense, but the killing of political opponents is not part of our political life.”