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UNICEF predicts over 21,000 births in Nigeria on New Year’s day

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has said that over 21,000 babies will be born in Nigeria on New Year day.

Nigeria ranks third with 21,439, behind India with 59,995 and China 35,615.

Other countries include Pakistan with 14,161; Indonesia 12,336; Ethiopia 12,006; United States 10,312; Egypt 9,455; Bangladesh 9,236 and Democratic Republic of Congo 8,640.

UNICEF stated that Nigerian babies would account for nearly six per cent of the estimated 371,504 babies born globally on New Year day, adding that their average life expectancy was expected to be 62.8 years compared to a global average of 84 years.

In a statement on Friday by its acting Representative in Nigeria, Renu Wadhwa, UNICEF stated that: “New Year’s babies born in Ghana and neighbouring Niger have life expectancies of 73 and 71.4 years respectively.

“Babies born in Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad will have a similar life expectancy to those born in Nigeria, only 1.4 years less, at 61.4.

“This is the lowest life expectancy in the world. The highest life expectancy at 116.4 is for children born in Switzerland.”

UNICEF further stated that there were many things that could be done to improve the fate of the children born yesterday in Nigeria, adding that, “We can and must work to change the underlying factors that can improve the life expectancy of Nigerian children.”