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Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment is no longer a new issue in Nigeria, most especially among the youth. Due to the large size of Nigeria’s population and half of the population is made up of youth. As the population of the youth increase, so does the unemployment rate.

Unemployment has brought about a rise in insecurity because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and an idle man is open and free to be used. As a result of this, the rate of violent crimes increases, kidnappings, and social delinquent behaviour among youths.

Unemployment has made the youths instruments used to cause havoc in the society, they are also used to carry out insurgent activities in Nigeria. Some of the youths to make a living, get themselves involved in so many activities that can cause unrest like kidnapping, theft, and all other social vices.

Since unemployment is a major cause of insecurity and insurgent activities, tackling unemployment will help reduce insecurity.

The increase in the unemployment rate is a result of lower economic growth, poor educational system and training, and also a general lack of interest in entrepreneurship.

A solution to this issue is for the government to provide employment and entrepreneur schemes and programmes for training youths and also to provide them with the basic facilities in order to make it easier for them to access and make create employment for themselves and make money.


Blessing Felix

Department of mass communication

University of Maiduguri