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Truly, we need to restructure!

With the ban on open grazing in southern Nigeria by the governors of 17 southern states, it is advisable for all Fulani’s in these states, irrespective of whether they have a herd of cows or not, to start the process of relocating to their respective states.

What will gradually play out, is simply like a “license to kill”, because when an authority arbitrarily and abruptly issues a ban on a supposedly economic/social way of life of an embattled section of the citizenry, without a prior deadline or modalities for implementation, what it has done is to simply create an enabling environment for violence.

We are in the 21st century and we completely agree that open grazing is no longer sustainable. But then, without stretching this beyond the limits of rationality, there is already evidence of madness even before such a declaration.

Truth is, presently, there is virtually a non-existent farmer/herders problem in most of the southern states. Secondly, 95 per cent of all crimes in the southern states is perpetrated by indigenes.

One may then wonder why all this hullabaloo and all this grandstanding about grazing. It’s nothing but politics and a dangerous one at that.

Our major problem in Nigeria is that we have an irresponsible and selfish political elite that can use anything to remain relevant or distract its citizens from its incompetence.

Nigeria has survived through a lot, but I doubt if Nigeria will be the same again, with what is being fed into the minds of the upcoming generation in the southern part of Nigeria and some pockets of the north central.

So whether anyone likes it or not, the horse may have bolted from its stable!.

The country simply needs to be restructured!!!


Abdullahi Maikudi Aliyu