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Trouble sleeping? Try zoringa drink

Sleep is easy for some while others stay up in bed for hours without sleep. If you are having difficulty sleeping at night, try this home remedy. It works sleepy wonders, and you could wake up feeling fresh in the morning.

You need a sizeable portion of the following:

Hibiscus (Zobo) leaves

Moringa leaves

Avocado leaves

Ginger and garlic.

Combine all the leaves together in a pot, blend the ginger and garlic and pour in with the leaves. Add enough water and boil. Turn off the heat, allow to cool and sieve.

Do not add any artificial sugars. Rather, if you want it sweetened, add pineapple for sweetness. Cucumber too goes well for flavour. Bottle and refrigerate. Drink before bedtime.

Courtesy: Risikat Ramoni