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Traders and price hike in Ramadan

The litmus test for a true belief is that it leads one to be a  compassionate human being. The Holy Quran clearly emphasised that righteousness is not only in the observance of prayer and other rituals but in acts of compassion and kindness.

Despite the proliferation of mosques everywhere even in the markets and people hurriedly join prayer in congregations it is sad that their conduct lacks compassion, love and kindness as Almighty Allah stressed.

It’s only in Nigeria that traders take advantage of every period to the detriment of their customers and the poor who are struggling to survive.  They mindlessly crave materialism by all means at the expense of the people.  I am not trying to portray them as evils but their conduct makes them look like that.

The Almighty made fasting obligatory on all Muslims to bring equality between the poor and the rich.

Sadly for traders who sell essential commodities used by many during Ramadan, it has become an annual season to subject people to underserved hardship by hiking prices.

If only they can curtail their materialistic tendencies and pay attention to the teaching of the Quran, people will certainly become much happier and  Allah will bless and protect them.

It is indeed instructive for traders to recognise that Nigerians are struggling to survive the high rate of inflation and unemployment and would welcome any measure that will provide succour to them.

We should, therefore, as a people, use fasting to examine our hearts, take responsibility for our misdeeds, examine, make amends and also seek Allah’s forgiveness and refrain from evil vices.

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