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Towards solidifying unity in Nigeria

The gains of our nation cannot be harnessed without unity. Unity is at the heart of progress, development and wealth. Unity will help us harness untapped resources, create a place called home for our young generation, put Nigeria on the global stage for good reasons and inspire a spirit of greatness.

Nigeria needs unity today. We too, can become a better nation if we sheathe our swords to fight a common enemy, other than ourselves. There are copious examples from different countries to drive home the essence of embracing unity in Nigeria. The likes of Liberia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda to mention a few, have shocking stories to tell on the aftermath of conflict.

In recent years, war-torn nations have grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons, with rising death tolls, displaced persons and other consequential effects of conflicts. Conflict leaves in its wake stretches of sad tales, broken dreams, and piteous sights of dead bodies amongst other heart-wrenching scenes. These horror-stricken episodes were fostered by years of neglected grieves, hatred and segregation.

Our visible scabs from the civil war in 1967 – 1970 are cursors for us to embrace unity. We can draw lessons from the events that fanned the embers of that war to build a better nation, where peace, love, and unity will serve as our guiding principles.

I also would like to recommend that to my compatriots in Bauchi State. The state is too complex due to geographical and religious differences that have a significant impact on the population. The only option left for our people is to hold firmly and strive to unite themselves and act as one single entity that turns a blind eye to impartiality and other sorts of differences.

Lastly, we pray, may Allah continue to make us co-operate respectfully and honestly with one other.

Musbahu Magayaki writes from Sabon Fegi, Azare, Bauchi State