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Tokar sha: Sokoto local herb that cures many diseases

Tokar Sha
Tokar Sha

Tokar sha is a popular medicine that could be found in almost every home in Sokoto State. It is locally manufactured from the ashes of burnt cornstalks.

The medicine is manufactured across the state but the most sought for is the one manufactured around Tambuwal area which was believed to be highly potent.

According to a resident of Tambuwal, Malam Aminu Adali, Tokar sha cures diseases such as stomachache, dysentery, and skin disease among others.

He explained that it is usually soaked in water (cold or hot) for some hours before drinking it.

Adali added that it could also be mixed with tamarind but cautioned against mixing it with honey which he said could be very fatal.

Some of the residents believe that it is more effective when taken at least two hours to breakfast but Adali said there was no specific time for its usage.

“You can take it in the morning before or after taking food or in the afternoon or even in the evening. It’s always effective regardless of when and how one uses it,” he said.

He stated that the medicine was very cheap because with N30, one could get a piece that could sustain him for a few days.

On how the medicine was manufactured, he said “it is mostly manufactured in the rural areas from the ashes of the cornstalk.

“Some mix the ashes with butter and their own is always costly. Others mix it with either palm or vegetable oil for easy molding into various shapes.

“They take it to local markets and sell to dealers or individuals. They are making  brisk business from it because of its high demand,” he said

Musa Bawa who trades in Tokar sha said he could make N10,000 profits in a day because he has customers who buy in bulk and take it to the southern part of the country.

He added that they were also being patronised by customers in  the Niger Republic.

Malam Abu Lawal said that he has been using it to cure dysentery and “it works miraculously.

A Public Health Expert, Dr. Bello Arkilla, however said there was no scientific evidence that Tokar sha cures any disease.

He advised the public to always visit the nearest hospital for proper investigation and treatment.



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