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Tiki Cultures announces partnership with Donkey Technologies

CEO of Tiki Cultures, Adenike Isi Adeeko

Tiki Cultures Entertainment & Lifestyle has announced the launch of Juvangee, a POS Inventory Management Software designed to take the hassle off the documentation of POS transactions and help businesses focus on other profitable aspects of their activities.

As part of steps to create Juvangee and ensure it is functional, Tiki Cultures has entered a partnership with Donkey Technologies, an IT solutions company.

“Every business needs our software regardless of size. It does time-consuming tasks in a moment and automates the regular tasks.

“The internet is full of many options to choose from, but they are mostly clumsy with features that are difficult to understand,” commented CEO of Tiki Cultures, Adenike Isi Adeeko, who doubles as a Founding Partner at Donkey Technologies.

Juvangee provides businesses with the software tools they need to automate inventory and documentation management.
With this new app, businesses can process customer sales, track product or stock levels, ring sales, count inventory, and provide basic reports on POS transactions.

“At Donkey Technologies, we are dedicated to resolving one of the many problems companies and brand’s face.

“Our new software, Juvangee is well-structured to work seamlessly. And being a cut above the others, it can boost up your business and take it to the next level,” Mrs Adeeko added.

The new Juvangee POS Inventory Management Software by Tiki Cultures and Donkey Technologies ensures business executives, managers, and leaders would no longer worry about forgotten paperwork and the hassle of maintaining transaction documentation because the system does it all.

Businesses can improve efficiency and accuracy with Juvangee’s easy-to-use and fully customizable inventory management software.