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The lingering insecurity in Nigeria

Insecurity has become the greatest challenge facing our society, which security operatives are unable to tackle. Day by day, the little security enjoyed is taking away from the people, while terrorists have become the owners of our roads. The lingering insecurity mostly in Northern Nigeria is not just a call to #SecureNorth alone, but Nigeria as a whole.

Fundamentally, the insecurity rate in Nigeria increases grossly due to poor leadership, leaking nature of our borders, unemployment and poverty amongst others. It is even more worrisome that the government is not putting in enough to curb the monster.

Should we let terrorists take over our country? It is absurd that not even our homes, schools, worship places and workplaces are safe, as attacks become more consistent. Even though much amount is spent on security, we have only yielded “more insecurity” results.

If we don’t want to lose our country to bandits, now is the right time to forget our political, religious and ethnic differences and fight for the cause of security, as it is obvious that  neither the government nor our security agencies can win the war alone.

The government must welcome professional opinion and adopt proven methods to end insecurity.

Our leaders and security experts must do all they can to tackle the situation.

Now is the time to collectively fight the battle to save Nigeria and the future of our younger generation.

Our government must do more, citizens must stay alert and our security operatives must be well equipped.

A secured Nigeria for all is achievable.

Amb. Abdullahi Suleiman Omale. (