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The Abraham Accord: A Landmark Vision of Peace and Prosperity

Ambassador Shimon Ben-Shoshan

The establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain is a watershed moment for the Middle East.

While this region of the world is often thought to be somewhat of a dysfunctional family, the Abraham Accord represents a conscious decision to instead be a normal one. It is an historic event that marks a new beginning for the region, and in addition to peace, will bring about tangible results that will be felt immediately.

The Accord represents an alternative and paradigm-shifting step forward for the region. It has fostered a revolutionary opportunity for other Arab nations to establish formal ties with the State of Israel, a concept previously deemed far-fetched and impossible.

It provides a striking alternative to those radical forces who oppose peace and prefer to perpetuate war until victory is won over resolving conflict in a peaceful manner and reaping the benefits that cooperation can provide. Moreover, the Accord effectively strengthens the power of moderatism in the face of the extremism that Iran and its proxies sow across the region. Our sincere hope is that other countries will see the connections we’ve forged between our peoples and economies through this agreement, and realize the benefits that they too could enjoy.

The Accord is an important stage in ending conflict in the Middle East, and we believe that this kind of agreement will effectively serve to immunize countries against the calamity that comes with extremism, for which peace is the only remedy.

This landmark agreement, most significantly, also serves the Palestinians by presenting them with a unique opportunity to return to direct negotiations with Israel. Israel is ready to do so, and will come to the negotiating table with the principles of the American administration’s Peace Initiative.

The peace deal provides a practical and realistic basis upon which the two sides can begin negotiations, and in the light of the Abraham Accord, achieving a lasting resolution between Israel and the Palestinians now seems that much more attainable. The United States played a leading role in brokering the Accord, and remains a true ally of all sides and a central player in the region.

Ultimately, the Abraham Accord represents an alignment of values. Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain are all facing the shared challenges of climate change, diminishing resources, and most pertinently, of coronavirus. It is essential that we focus on agreement over disagreement, and combine our capabilities for the wellbeing of our citizens. This is exactly what this agreement has achieved. The Abraham Accord should be the guiding light for all other nations of the region of the good that can come from making peace with Israel.

We call on everyone watching this historic agreement unfold to recognize the significance of this moment, express their support publicly, and encourage others to follow.


H.E Ambassador Shimon Ben-Shoshan MFA, Embassy of Israel to Nigeria