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Tax certificate a must to access public services in Edo

The Edo State Government has disclosed that it is considering making tax clearance certificates a precondition for accessing public services and some commercial transactions in the state.

The executive chairman of the Edo State Internal Revenue (EIRS), Igbinidu Inneh, in a statement, noted that the measure was being taken to ensure that taxable citizens meet their civic duties.

He charged all federal and state government ministries, departments and agencies, local government councils, commercial banks, as well as companies and enterprises operating in Edo State to demand from individuals, verifiable tax clearance certificates with regard to application for approvals and licenses, foreign exchange control permission to remit funds outside Nigeria, as well as distributorship of goods and services.

He added that the demand for the certificate, covering three preceding years, is in line with section 85 of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) as amended.

He urged all concerned to ensure strict compliance, as failure to do so would attract a fine, to the tune of N5million or three years imprisonment, or both, upon conviction.