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Tackle insecurity in Nigeria


My fear increases whenever I remember that nobody is safe in this country, especially in the North East and North West parts of the country, where innocent citizens are being killed daily. It is very unfortunate that our leaders have not been able to live up to their duties of safeguarding lives and properties.

One is even afraid to read the newspaper headlines because most of the stories make you sad. It is either someone has been kidnapped or killed by bandits or Boko Haram members, and other militias. It is sad that we cannot move freely across the country without fear of being kidnapped or killed.

No one is safe in this country; not the poor, not the rich. Just recently, the Emir of Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State was kidnapped. That is not only unfortunate, but a sacrilege. Governments at all levels need to wake up and protect lives and properties.

I believe our armed forces are trying their best to ensure peace and stability in the country, but they need to be encouraged so that they can do more.

Kasim Isa Muhammad, Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri