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Stop politicizing recent killing in Yewaland

Fulani Community in Igua area of Yewa North in Ogun State

We condemn attempts made by certain individuals in Yewaland, Ogun State, to politicize the recent killings by herdsmen in the community.

There have been certain narratives attributed to some political icons in the community who are trying to use the present situation to gain cheap political gains.

Certain political figures are trying to cause political mayhem in the community by making utterances aimed to undermine the role and activities played by the senator representing the constituency, Senator Tolu Odebiyi.

The plots are nothing more but plans made to play cheap politics and also exploit the intelligence of the people of Yewaland.

Those behind the plots indeed crossed the line with their unguided activities which are tailored to politically manipulate the people in order to promote themselves.

We must not only condemn these plots as they do not represent the interest of our people, we must also ensure that we ignore politicians who are only interested in hijacking narratives, exploiting them for their benefits and leaving the electorate to paddle their canoe by themselves.

Ever since the issue came into limelight, only Senator Tolu Odebiyi, the lawmaker representing Ogun West Senatorial district has lent his voice and resources to curbing the menace.

The senator not minding his political career has stood firm as he has continued to raise his voice against the incessant killings in Yewaland and across other states in the federation.

It’s quiet obvious that he has our interest at heart and he has continued to show us this as he has always identified with us and our struggles; history will never forget him, Yewaland will never forget him.

Comrade Ayokunlemi Abiola, Ogun State Solidarity Alliance Group (OSSAG)