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Still on restructuring

Some intellectuals from the North see the stand of those who presented the Northern position at the recent Daily Trust Dialogue as the “burial ceremony” of all that Premier of the former Northern Region Alhaji Ahmadu Bello stood for.

I, however, prefer to see what happened at that historic dialogue as mere inter-regional flexing of political muscles, akin to that of rival housewives choosing to oppose whatever a co-wife prefers even if it would eventually benefit both.

As these intellectuals rightly put it, the pre-1966 coup political structures that the Sardauna used to unprecedentedly develop the North were dismantled, perhaps out of envy and glaring hatred by some elements in the South who thought those structures only benefitted the illiterate and backward North.

Now having woken up from their slumber that numbed their cognitive faculties to realise those structures were the best for all the regions, the southerners now appear to applaud what they destroyed by their hate energy. It is now the turn of the North to deliberately oppose their new found stand to probably spite them in an orgy of retaliatory ping pong.

That’s my understanding.


Aminu Yusuf Ibrahim, ATBU Teaching Hospital, Bauchi