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Stamping out tribalism in Nigeria

Tribalism in Nigeria like all other impediments bedevilling the country, is playing a vigorous role towards mangling what little peace and good image the country still has. The menace of tribalism has gone a long way in ruining all sectors of the nation. It has as well had very negative impact in human relationships and leadership.

Tribalism has had an influence in every aspect of human relationships, ranging from businesses to marriage. Epitomically, in our contemporary society it is regarded as somewhat ungodly and taboo for Igbo or Yoruba to marry Hausa or Fulani, and vice versa.

This is due to the fact that all the tribes are regarding one another as semi-human beings. When it comes to business relationship same negative impact of tribalism is so much that a member of a particular tribe would have to sell or buy something from or to one of different tribe as him at his last alternative.

Having perceived the devastating impact being impeded by the menace of tribalism towards stirring up the progress of Nigeria, no any prospect of change is imaginable in a multi-tribal society like ours, until the threatening tribe sentiment is obliterated.

Tribalism won’t be eliminated until when we see into it that tribe is no longer one of the paramount requirements of promotion, bringing fellow tribesmen on board is no longer the disposition of stakeholders and all are not condemned and molested for the actions of few. Only then can the whirlwind attainment of development in our society be realized within a blink of an eye.

Hisham Saleh Gidado, Gombe State