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Sleep well to live well

No one sleeps less and lives well, no! The quality of a man’s health and life is largely determined by the quality of his sleep.…

No one sleeps less and lives well, no! The quality of a man’s health and life is largely determined by the quality of his sleep. A healthy life is a reflection of good quality sleep, while the opposite reflects a poor insufficient sleep.

Certain habits of modern life have taken away sleep from us as humans. Most people go about with a wrong notion that, he who sleeps for the recommended hours at night is lazy or jobless. It is completely untrue as those who sleep less daily aren’t mentally refreshed for proper daily activities. Those who deprive themselves of quality sleep always will someday break down and the rest that sleep ought to have provided will be forced on then. Their bodies would demand for the sleep at a wrong time as nature cannot be cheated.

Not too long ago, the annual event of World Sleep Day was celebrated across the globe. The day is usually held the Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox of each year. 

The reason a day is set aside to celebrate sleep isn’t farfetched. This is because, World Sleep Day, on yearly basis, always reminds everyone who cares about their health to take action on important issues relating to sleep. It is a global awareness act that celebrates sleep and attempts to help those with various sleep challenges. The day also serves as a gentle reminder to everyone who is experiencing sleep disorder as it proffers better ways in the management of sleep.

The roles that sleep plays in the life of a man cannot be overemphasised. Good health is not guaranteed without a sound mind that is only provided by good sleep. The natural refreshment and vigour that sleep provides cannot be provided by any drug or exercise or activity. It’s not just a nap; it’s not just ordinary sleep; it’s the quality of sleep that can supply the body with the nourishment it needs to become healthy.

It is recommended that adults make it a priority to get at least seven hours of nightly sleep in order to give the body the desired rest for refreshed functioning next day. Experts say sleep helps the body and brain to function properly because it improves one’s learning, memory, decision-making and creativity. When the brain functions properly, there is overall increase in concentration and productivity occasioned by a good intelligent quotient. One who sleeps well at night performs well in the day. 

The theme for the World Sleep Day this year is making a clear statement that the world at large can be happy if everyone has a sound mind that only quality sleep gives.

That sleep is the only major natural activity that keeps the body hale and hearty is not an overstatement. It is an essential function that allows your body and mind to be fully recharged. Sleep is extremely important because it builds and repairs the body. It helps to reduce stress levels as well. The immune system becomes stronger and it is well maintained with the help of good sleep.

Sleeping good supports overall growth and development of the body.  There is no better way to enjoy reduced risk of diabetes, healthier skin, fewer headaches and rapid muscle toning than to sleep well. One’s problem-solving skills can be maximized when the body gets good sleep.

How then can one sleep well or sleep better? To catch good and quality sleep, make use of your bed only. Ensure you keep your bedroom cool, quiet and dark when it’s time to sleep. Avoid big or heavy meals right before bed time. To sleep better attempt going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. To avoid sleep interruption and disturbance, turn off or put on silence your phones as other sound electrical gadgets are to be placed away from the bed. One can also sleep better by engaging in regular exercises.

Poor sleepers and those who sleep less at night usually suffer from constant headaches and poor vision. They are irritable and appear to swing moods easily, unexplainably and irrationally. Not getting enough sleep for the body may result in increase in anxiety, depression and other mental health complications that are not easily traceable. Sleep deprivation can result in an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. A poor sleeper is also said to have an increased risk of breast cancer.

It is important to remind us all that sleep is a human privilege and must not be misused, especially if you have it as provided by nature. Sadly, some people have become addicted to sleeping less and hence, they have to force sleep when they need it with drugs. On health grounds and for some other purposes, some people are administered drugs by medical practitioners to ensure sleep plays its natural role in their bodies.

Without a doubt, anyone certified healthy must be a good sleeper. Do not deprive your body the motivation, nourishment and refreshment a good sleep provides. Whether you’re a light or deep sleeper, ensure you always have a good sleep as it will leave you refreshed and alert when you wake up. So, in order to live well and live long too, please sleep well.


Kayode Solomon Ojewale works with the Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA