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Skincare routines to avoid

Absolute care for the skin makes the skin flawless; however, there are some wrong skincare routines to avoid because they cause skin concerns including breakouts, dryness and even redness. Here is your chance to redeem your beauty by avoiding the following wrong skincare routines.

Wrong cleansing pattern

When it comes to skincare routine, cleansing is the first step. The big question is; are you cleansing it right? Because that is where the problem begins. Ladies that are used to wearing a lot of makeup, one-step cleansing is not sufficient to cleanse your skin thoroughly because it does not remove all makeup traces and can ultimately cause the deposition of dirt, which leads to breakouts. To get it right, if you are wearing makeup including your eyes, then start with gently cleansing your eyes before you use facial cleansing wipes too, gently remove all the makeup from your face. After that, use a gentle cleanser with minimal chemicals to complete your face cleansing.

Incorrect face washing

Another most common skincare mistake is, washing your face the wrong way.  Do you know that the way you lather up and where you lather up matters? To make your cleanser or face wash work, then you have to move your middle and index fingers from inside of your face to outwards using the circular motions. This would not only cleanse the makeup but also it will reduce the puffiness of your skin by pushing the lymphatic drainage system.

Dirty makeup brushes

Makeup brushes that are available in different sizes and shapes for different blending and these they can get contaminated with the dirt, bacteria and many other organisms that affect the skin very badly. Keeping your brushes clean and hygienic can surely help, ensure to have some brush cleaners to ensure that no dirt or old makeup build in the brush.

Not washing bed sheets and pillow covers frequently

Sleeping on the dirty sheets and pillow covers can stimulate many skin conditions including acne and rosacea, especially among the people who are prone to those conditions. To prevent such conditions, you need to flip your pillow side after two nights, so that your face lay on the fresh side. After that, throw it in the wash.




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