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Skin Like Honey

Over time there’s been proof that the use of honey on the skin can help get rid of skin issues, blemishes and spots. Many products such as face masks, lotions, lip balms and many more all contain certain amounts of honey. Honey is known to have natural healing properties and is also a good skin anti-ageing product.

It is important to note that only raw and natural honey can be used on the skin, not the refurbished honey. Raw honey contains essential vitamins and nutrients such as amino acids, B Vitamins, Calcium, Copper, Iron etc. they are many ways in which the use of honey can be infused into one’s skincare routine, such ways may include:

As a moisturizing face mask:  The sugars in honey act as natural agents increase the water content which helps reduce dryness of the skin. Apply a small portion of raw honey to the skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, rinse and cleanse off with water.

As a gentle exfoliant: When raw honey, crystalizes, it forms tiny stone-like particles which can help act as an exfoliant and be used to scrub the face. After warming the honey by rubbing it between your fingers, apply it to the skin while going in a circular motion.  Let it stay on for a few minutes before cleansing off with a wet towel.

As a Scar Fader: They are certain antioxidant properties in honey, which aid the healing and clearing off of scars and spots. It is advised to look for honey that is infused with propolis as it aids to tone down stretch marks and skin discolouration. Rub in a portion of honey to the affected area of the skin while going in a circular motion for a few minutes, then rinse after.

As a Lip Balm: As great as honey is to the skin, it can also be used for chapped lips. The hydrating properties mixed with other elements make honey a good moisturizer for the lips. Apply a small portion of honey to the lips and leave it on for some minutes, rinse after.

As a Bath Soak: Improve your skincare and self-care routine by trying a honey-infused bath. This will leave your skin feeling silky, soft and shiny. When at home, mix two big tablespoons of raw honey in one cup of hot water until the honey is dissolved. Pour the solution into the bathtub and soak.

Acne Spot Treatment: with its inflammatory properties, honey helps reduce the redness and swelling of pimples.  Honey is also known to contain anti-bacterial properties which can help get rid of acne-causing bacteria, especially when infused with propolis. Apply directly on the affected area, leave on for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing off.

As a lightening and Brightening agent: Although researchers haven’t discovered a direct connection between the use of honey for skin lightening. However, the continuous use of honey as an exfoliant will remove the dead skin cells on the skin which leaves it looking brighter and lighter.

Burn Relief: Honey can also be used as a remedy for an irritating or irritating burn, sunburn included. This is because honey contains natural anti-inflammatory agents which will soothe the affected area. After cleaning the affected area, pour on some drops of honey to the burn and let it sit in for as long as you like before rinsing it.

The more the use of honey is being added to one’s skincare routine, the better the chances of seeing good improvement on the skin. It’s important to note that when honey is being used either as a face mask, exfoliant or cleanser. It must be washed off the face completely. Leftover honey on the skin can lead to breakouts and clogged pores.

By Rosemary Etim