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School Principals charged to track education projects in Adamawa

Connected Development (CODE) has engaged School Principals, Community Leaders and Students on how to track government’s spending on infrastructural development and Projects meant for Schools in Adamawa state.

A Community Engagement Officer CODE, Mukthar Modibbo stated this during a two-day training of Schools Principals, Community leaders and Students in AUN Club at Yola-Town.

Mukthar reiterated the need to track government spending on projects meant for schools so as to ascertain the level of girl-child education in the state.

According to him, “Participant always believed that government is a mantle of the people in power and we all know that government is not always the mantle of people in power but government is for everybody in the sense that everyone has the power to elect and remove the government. Power is for everybody. So exercise yours while the government exercises theirs”.

“After a pre- evaluation form a lot of people have not been engaging government in a lot of aspect but immediately after the training we could tell that people are ready to engage the government; the principals are acquainted with all kinds of information and they are going to utilize the kind of information that will be given. For some community leaders I know it will take time for them to get acquainted to this.”

A Participant, Mrs Aishatu Rilwanu, Principal of Junior Secondary School Wuro Hausa, in Yola Town said she is able to know that she has the right to track government finances so as to have a transparent and an accountable government.

“We will call for a meeting with PTA, SBMC and our student to make them know that it is their right to know things that are meant for them. This development has to be done and there are project that are meant for such.

“It is the right of every community leader or an individual in the state to track where and what the finances are meant for. It is the collective effort of each individual to be aware to find out and to also monitor what is being done with the Projects finances.” She stated.

Another participant, Abdullahi Isa Principal Government Day Secondary School Karewa, said he will use the opportunity given to him to go and mobilize a catchment area so as to encourage the enrolment of girl-child in the school.