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School feeding programme needs proper investigation

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I write to make suggestions and also draw the attention of the Minister of Humanitarians Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development,  Sadiya Umar Farouk to the anomalies in the school feeding programme, which is aimed at  preventing severe malnutrition in children and to improve school attendance.

Before it was stopped, the exercise was poorly executed, following  improper distribution of materials released by the office concerned as well as nutritious foods to the school children.

I was disturbed to see how school children were being served meals. They were not getting 40 percent out of what the FG had set up for the programme to meet the target goals.

Many questions came to my mind. First, is the management fully aware of how the food contractors are allocating the foods to the children? Are the funds allocated to them sufficiently delivered as approved by the Federal Government?

There is need for a thorough investigation of how the programme is being run, even  from the grassroots to actualize the purpose and improve on it.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki writes from Bauchi