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Scapegoating Senator Uba Sani and Zone II

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Considering his well-deserved reputation as a political adviser and close ally to Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna State, before contesting for the seat of the Kaduna Central Senatorial seat, there had been rumors and uncertainty regarding whom the man, Senator Uba Sani is because the image they painted of him was odd to accept.

The political gladiators  that time (the pre-2019 general elections), preached to the target audience that the then political adviser lacked the quality of being a leader with zero tolerance, especially to the rural dwellers who were the majority he was going to represent in the red chamber.

Surprisingly, the senator’s performance has cleared  people’s doubt, especially those that underestimated and doubted his skills and his qualities of being a leader.

Today, out of the three senators, he has already set the standard of one of the best performing senators in the ninth assembly. Now, nobody is in doubt.

The future is bright and the sky is your limit, true leader.

Abdullahi Adda’u Turawa wrote from Zaria, Nigeria