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Reactions trail Kim Kadarshian, Kanye West’s divorce

Kim Kadarshian and Kanye West/Instagram

Reactions are trailing the recent news of Kanye West and his reality TV star wife, Kim Kardashian’s imminent divorce.

The duo are living separately and undergoing marriage counseling, NBC News reported, citing a source close to the family.

For the past few months West, 43, has been living in Wyoming while Kardashian West, 40, and their four children stayed in California, the source said Tuesday.

With the news of Kim and Kanye’s divorce hitting the internet, fans have since taken to social media to air their opinions and concerns.

While some are saddened by the news, some people are not shocked at all, as it will not be the first nor second time they are trying to get a divorce.

While some are anticipating the release of a ‘Heartbreak’ album, others are concerned about the couple’s four kids, and single people giving up on love.

Kim Kadarshian, Kanye West and their four kids/Instagram

Below are some of the reactions:








The ‘heartbreak’ album

Some Twitter users are optimistic that the divorce would lead to the release of a ‘Heartbreak’ album by Kanye.