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Re: Sheik Dahiru Bauchi denies supporting Mailafia

A renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi

One question I keep asking myself is what’s wrong with Mailafia?

Mistakes cannot be corrected with another mistake neither lies can’t be corrected with other lies.

Dahiru Bauchi denies supporting Mailafia

‘Life in danger’ says Mailafia after 3rd DSS invitation

I think it’s more honorable for Mr. Mailafia to come out and say the truth, that is the only way to redeem his image.

If truly one of the governors in Northern Nigeria is a commander of Boko Haram, let him mention the governor and let the security agencies conduct investigations for possible prosecution.

But if what he said was not true, let him come out and let Nigerians know and tender apology.

We know all humans do make mistakes and those mistakes do serve as lessons to wise men against future reoccurrence.

The way he keeps on seeking for support and sympathy from Nigerians through false statements cannot free him from the bad image he brought to himself.

He has lost the respect of many from what he said during his  interview with  a Lagos based radio station, which he can’t substantiate.

Haruna Ibrahim