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Re: Governor Ortom and Fulani men in black

Gov. Samuel Ortom

The attempted assassination of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State marks the peak of the security crisis in Nigeria. It is one incident that must be given the deserved attention, stripped of the analytical masks of politics, prejudices and perceptions.

Good enough, the security details attached to the governor are neither his personal employees nor the Benue State Government. No security issue could be more auspicious to put their professionalism and loyalty through the furnace of nationalism. The president has since met with the governor and ordered a full scale investigation into the matter.

We can’t commend the president enough.

What all these mean is that the accent of analysis should be on the merit of the case and not imputation of notions of theatrical outburst and cinematographic extravagance.

The Tiv and Fulani are cousins. Their ties crisscross in an avalanche of historical and cultural cobwebs that it is impossible to suddenly tear apart.

I don’t think Governor Ortom has a pathological aversion to the Fulani.

Let’s wait for the outcome of the presidential investigation before making conclusive statements on the matter.


Atah Pine wrote from Makurdi, Benue State