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Railway track vandalism: A sign of unpatriotism

Track of the 186km Abuja-Kaduna railway built with Chinese loan. Photo: John C. Azu

I find it too odd and shameful that some unscrupulous elements are vandalising rail line infrastructures in some regions of the federation. These rail line facilities that the government of the federation is constructing for nation building should not be vandalized for senseless act.

Unarguably, Nigerians are the major problem of Nigeria. If they are not problems of Nigeria, how can they be engaged in such criminal, heinous and unbecoming acts?

Prior to the construction of the rail line facilities, almost 75% of Nigerians are deeply lamenting for the functionless state of our rail lines, and now that the government is constructing and reconstructing what we have been crying-out for, sadly, our own boon is now being vandalised for useless material gain. This is hypocrisy at its peak!

These unwelcome actions, which if it fails to cease, we would not achieve our dream of having good infrastructures that we have been dreaming for many years.

However, when the perpetrators are caught and brought to book, they should be prosecuted and investigated to reveal their collaborators. This is because, those economic saboteurs are wrongly being misused negatively and meticulously by unpatriotic Nigerians who don’t have the zeal to see this country moving forward.

In conclusion, I would like to register my words of appeal to the government of the federation to cautiously make a thorough investigation on those who have been caught while damaging our rail tracks in order to stop further occurrence, and before our infrastructures become totally collapsed and unwittingly destroyed.

Failure to do so would subsequently lead these unpatriotic citizens to slow down all of our nation developments.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki

Sabon Fegi, Azare