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Radiologists seek Magnetic Resonance Imaging centre in each state

Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN)

The Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) has called on the federal government to establish at least three Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) centres in each state of the country.

President of the association, Prof. Sule Ahmed Saidu, made the call Monday in Abuja during the association’s fourth annual general meeting.

He said MRIs are important components of healthcare delivery services, and doing so would reduce the distance patients need to cover to access the diagnostic service.

While saying the number of radiologists in the country was inadequate, he urged the federal government to invest in radiological equipment as it is cost intensive.

He said, “We are not near enough at all. Most of the trained radiologists are in the urban centres. That also brings to mind the need for the devolution of some of this necessary radiological equipment to the grassroots.

“I think the government needs to begin to think of the provision of this hitech equipment along senatorial districts. I am looking at a situation where, at least, in a state we should have an MRI machine.

“If it is possible, one in each senatorial district but certainly, we should not have less than a machine in each of the senatorial districts so that the distance an average Nigerian needs to travel to be able to access some of these services is shortened. Because many of these patients actually need these services acutely or on an emergency basis.”

He said the association was working towards providing data on available radiological centres across the country so that Nigerians could know the location of each facility and how to  access services.

Prof. Saidu said radiology is not only necessary in diagnoses but also an integral part of successful treatment of diseases. He said that governments at all levels therefore need to pay attention to the practice.

ARIN is an association of specialist doctors in the field of radiology, with over 300 members spread across the entire country.