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Police: Excessive speed caused Tiger Woods car crash

Tiger Woods

Los Angeles Police have revealed that excessive speed caused Golfer Tiger Woods’ car crash in February.

Alex Villanueva, the Los Angeles County Sheriff revealed this in a press conference on Wednesday, stating that Woods was driving above the legal speed limit when the crash occurred.

The 45 years old American and 15-time Majors winner had suffered leg fractures and would not participate in the upcoming Masters tournament as he recovers from home.

According to data from the car’s black box, Woods was travelling between 84 – 87 mph on a 45 mph his car careered off the road and rolled multiple times.

“The primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway,” Villanueva said.

“Estimated speeds at the first area of impact were 84 to 87 miles per hour.”
Woods, who it was revealed inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal moments before the crash, also thanked investigators and everyone that came to his rescue following the crash in a statement posted on Twitter.

“In the last few days, I received word from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that their investigation regarding my traffic accident back on February 23rd in Los Angeles has been completed and closed.

“I am so grateful to both of the good samaritans who came to assist me and called 911. I am also thankful to the LASD Deputies and LA Firefighter/Paramedics, especially LA Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez and LAFD Engine Co. #106 Fire Paramedics Smith and Gimenez, for helping me so expertly at the scene and getting me safely to the hospital.”