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Phone Snatching in Kano: A need for Action

Kano State has been enjoying relative peace in comparison to many other adjoining states in the North. Through combined proactive measures by all security stakeholders, coupled with Divine grace, kidnaping for ransom, banditry and arm robbery continue to remain at lowest ebb in the state.

However, phone snatching, unfortunately, is becoming intractable and deadly. Many innocent people have been deprived of their phones by street urchins while some lost their lives as the hoodlums use force to snatch the phones. Today, the fear of phone snatchers on the streets of Kano is the beginning of wisdom.

I was shocked by a report of an attack on a young couple along Yashaya Gusau Road on Sunday in the metropolis by hoodlums who tried to snatch a phone and in the process killed the husband.

What is more disturbing was the reaction of the Kano State Police Public Relations Officer who was quoted as saying that there is limit to what they can do about this menace. I agree  with him because the police could only apprehend, investigate and charge the suspects to court.

Most shocking however, many of these criminals are seen roaming about on the streets freely after sometime. I wonder what criterion was being used by the court in releasing them? I fear the day when people would be left with no option than to defend themselves. I do also dread a situation whereby ‘revenge killing’ becomes a norm in Kano if people lose confidence in getting justice.

Indeed, by continuing to release those hardened criminals, we are  inadvertently sending a wrong message that crime does pay!

It is imperative for the government to try to curtail the menace of phone snatching and rampant use of knives on streets in the metropolis before it is too late. The people are becoming fed-up and may decide to resort to self-help by taking the law into their own hands. A stich in time saves nine.


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