Daily Trust - Peter Okoye, daughter, wife go through 3 weeks of Covid-19 “hell”
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Peter Okoye, daughter, wife go through 3 weeks of Covid-19 “hell”

Singer Peter Okoye, of PSquare, has spoken out about “three weeks of hell” dealing with coronavirus.

It is not certain how he contracted the virus, but two members of his home staff, his wife and daughter also caught the virus.

Throughout the three weeks of treatment and isolation, he felt “imprisoned in my own house”, he said in a two-part video he posted on Twitter.

“The reason I came out is to encourage a lot of people concerning social distancing, getting used to sanitizing hour hands,” he said.

In the “three weeks of hell” he described, two of his domestic staff caught the virus. A week later, his daughter caught it too. Doctors insisted she self-isolate in her own bedroom.

Okoye was already isolated in a guest room and was cut off from his daughter, having to speak with her via video chat.

“I was sick and self-isolated in the guest room and couldn’t even see my own daughter. I felt bad, like I was the one who brought this virus into the house. I had to called her on video,” Okoye recalls.

His wife, Lola, refused to leave their daughter on her own.

“My wife said no. She picked our daughter, held her, took her to the master bedroom.

‘I can’t leave this girl alone. Id rather have it than leave her alone.’ He recalls his wife saying.

“Six days later, the girl was negative, Lola was positive. It has been hell. I had a bad experience. This covid-19 is real. Don’t take it for granted. All of us are now negative.”