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Our students gone astray

Hajo had sent me a message on WhatsApp about sexual immorality and how she thought it has become rampant at an alarming rate. Adulterous behaviours…

Hajo had sent me a message on WhatsApp about sexual immorality and how she thought it has become rampant at an alarming rate. Adulterous behaviours are becoming the norm and she felt, to be on the safe side one has to set boundaries for himself. As I scanned further into my chats, I saw another video which was mindboggling! It was a video of some teenagers, school boys and girls in uniforms, at a party I presumed.

While I could not determine which School they belonged to, the location seemed to be a class room for there was a blackboard and numerous students in school uniforms of different colours. It was a jaw dropping moment.

The reason for my shock being a young beautiful light skinned girl clad in black shoes and trousers over which she had worn a blue knee length dress with a matching hijab. She was on the dance floor with some other guy in black trousers and a blue shirt too. I am not familiar with the music playing, but it sounded like one of the made in ‘naija’ songs. I couldn’t get a word so I couldn’t tell if it was sexually explicit but that was exactly what their dance step was. They shamelessly danced, while those around kept cheering them and recording on their phones.

What frightened me was that these children (sorry they are no more that innocent) weren’t even afraid their parents or the school authority might see the clip. The girl’s final dance steps with the two boys to me, was an insult to womanhood and biggest insult to the hijab she was wearing all the while. So annoying also when we have Women organisations fighting for the girl child but here’s one cheapening herself. Would any one of these boys give her the honour of marriage?  Any girl that dances like that girl did at whatever age, eighteen or not in a morally upright society should be married off. Because her suggestive dance steps indicate she is ripe and ready for it. At which school was this happening? What was the occasion, who was the teacher on duty? Was there no teacher to supervise student events, to chaperone them, to supervise? It wasn’t a night event so we couldn’t say they sneaked away while the teachers were not aware. Why were so many phones allowed in a secondary school, are there no more rules and regulations? With this, how can you convince parents who have never been interested in western education to send their children to school or to allow them go further? Do these children not think beyond this moment? How will they feel should their children happen upon the video in the future? At the rate we are going I am afraid that at the time of her children perhaps shame and religion will be no more. Perhaps they have never heard that the Lord almighty is angry with anyone who advertises ones sins. It’s a form of arrogance.

Really, immorality has found its way into the nooks and crannies of our society. Our values and culture have been eroded. I assure you no decent parent would watch that video and not be worried over his or her children. One cannot but wonder if this is what is happening all over? What can one call this generation, a lost generation?

Discussing the clip with Hajo later, she was quick to lament the role of parents these days being accomplices in this kind of behaviour and wondered what could be happening in universities. I had heard recently of cases in a school where the students married themselves off to each other and this was in a secondary school too. But then we now live in a society where evil goes unpunished. Before now, there were checks and balances in the society. A girl like this may find it difficult to marry for a long time, even the boys will remain slandered. When I see such things happening with our children my fear is perhaps this is end time. What removes the fear of God from their hearts, were they under the influence of something? From her Hijab I guess she’s a Muslim. She should be reminded that if her teachers or parents are sleeping, God surely isn’t. Why choose to get famous courtesy of some lewd dance steps?

When we do not monitor these children or what they watch on television stations, at sixteen or even less they can dance these dance steps with the opposite sex and then we say they should not be married off at that age? Pray, is there a way to shut off their emotions? Maybe I am old fashioned but I really don’t understand the world anymore and this is what happens when we ape someone’s culture, eyes are filled with stuffs from telenovelas, minds filled with sensual stuffs that arouse desires morning, afternoon and night and these are available to everyone, anywhere and anytime it’s no wonder why is rape is on the increase. These days even cartoons are not altogether safe for children, movies rated sixteen show erotic scenes which even if not explicit, makes these children think, explore and even attempt what they see yet we pretend we are protecting their rights. You find little children mumbling sexually explicit lyrics, copying the suggestive moves they see on television, gyrating their tiny hips to the sounds of this music, yet as our musicians fight for copyrights none of us fight to censor their lyrics or stations. We carelessly let our children learn these vulgar words from as early as when they start talking. The lyrics are imprinted on their impressionable minds from such a time that they don’t know the meaning to when it becomes clear. We have allowed everyone to imprint on their minds, from the whites to the Mexicans and now even the Chinese. We allow them not only watch their movies, they are even directly translated into our local dialect. Did we not enjoy Indian movies where the groom enters the bridal chamber and the next scene a chubby baby was introduced? Wouldn’t you rather your child watch this scenario? What’s the need for the explicit scenes?  

The prophet (SAW) has said there are many ways of fornication, these children should know that’s just what these vulgar dance steps are.

This has happened, whoever is in charge should be punished. These children should also be punished but also counseled, monitored and mentored, they are ours we should also bow our heads in shame, for we have allowed the ‘amana’, the precious gift entrusted in our hands to be abused. They were just mirroring our society today.

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