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Open letter to Governor Simon Lalong

With all due respect, the Fulbe Rigiza TRGWONG Youths Consultative Forum wants to bring to your attention the recent rights infringement of 13 innocent citizens of the Yelwan Zangam community and environs of Jos North Local Government, Plateau State, who have been under police custody for about two months.

These people were invited to Katako Police Station on August 18, 2021, for an investigation over the recent outburst that occurred among the unscrupulous elements residing around the Yelwan Zangam community.

Initially, the police took the Ardo of Jos North, Ardo Aliko Sa’ad and Malam Abdulhadi Umar, the village head of Yelwa community for an investigation. The victims cooperated with the police in their quest to restore peace in the area, but since then, these people are yet to be released.

Notwithstanding, the same security men came and arrested another set of 11 innocent people bringing the total to 13. These people have been under police custody for about two months now.

Thus, as a matter of urgency, we want the Plateau State government to set up a committee to follow up on this case to ensure justice for the victims.

All the people apprehended by the police are law abiding citizens as well as peace ambassadors in the Yelwan Zangam community. None of them was at anytime found guilty of any criminal offence or involved in fomenting violence.

We believe individuals from both sides should have been invited or apprehended in relation to the issue but  are surprised that only members of our community were invited and still being held by the police.

To the best of our knowledge, the police have not invited any member of the Anaguta community in relation to the crisis.

As peace lovers, the entire Fulbe Rigiza TRGWONG Youths Consultative Forum is saddened by the development and calls on the Plateau State government to intervene immediately in the matter, bring those involved to book and do justice to these innocent people.

The association is always willing to assist the government in conducting investigations to find the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to book.

Finally, we wish to request for the immediate release of these people as they have no hand in the act, rather they are peace ambassadors in the state. Long live Plateau State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Ibrahim Abubakar, President, Fulbe Rigiza TRGWONG Youth Consultative Forum, Jos North Plateau state.