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Nwassa’s quest to become one-stop-shop for African agribusiness

In Nigeria, agriculture is one of the major contributors to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This sector is being driven by small-scale farmers who, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), account for 88 percent of Nigerian farmers.

Most small-scale farmers, live in rural areas. Interestingly, despite their remote locations, agribusiness technology start-ups have been able to reach them and provide capital, as well as ensuring that they get buyers for their farm produce.

One of the prospective companies that has been working with these farmers is Tingo International Holdings Inc., with its Nwassa platform dedicated to improving agriculture in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

Using the Nwassa platform, Tingo International Holdings Inc. has sold over nine million Tingo-branded mobile devices to Nigerian farmers, with payment spread over three years in order to reduce the financial strain on them.

The Group Chief Executive, Tingo International Holdings Inc., Dozy Mmobuosi said, “With the devices, we provide up-to-date information to the farmers in real-time.”

He, however, stated that Nwassa is providing the farmers with weather forecasts as well as prices of farm input and produce. In addition, the farmers also get access to extension service providers.

Mmobusi also revealed that the Nwassa platform, have been able to record lower post-harvest losses, said that this is as a result of their accessibility to a timely extension services and off-takers for their farm produce.

He assured that, “Nwassa is the ultimate answer for farmers all over the world, as every farmer’s need in every location can be addressed without undue challenges.”

Judging by Nwassa’s activities over the years, Mmobuosi  asserts that it has the potentials to become a one-stop-shop for African agribusiness.

He said that, the end goal for the platform is to improve the livelihood of African small-scale and rural farmers, starting with Nigeria.

One of the roles that Nwassa has performed is bridging the gap between farmers and off-takers, to ensure that the farmers focused more on their farming activities.

Mmobuosi reiterated that, the platform will continue to work with more African farmers and players in the agricultural value chain, in order to improve their livelihood and agribusiness in Africa as a whole.