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Northern Elders Forum backs restructuring

Director of Publicity of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed

The Director of Publicity of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, has said the North is never against restructuring but desires concerted effort at fixing ‘what is not working in Nigeria.’

Dr Baba-Ahmed during his comments at the 18th Daily Trust Dialogue held in Abuja Thursday said: “We are Nigerians and we think Nigeria is not working for the North, it is not working for everybody.

“We believe it has to be fixed and it has to be fixed by all Nigerians on the basis of respect, and understanding of what works for all.”

He said the North is not opposing, and will not oppose restructuring, rather it agrees with others that there is a need to fix Nigeria.

“We are willing to engage anybody, anywhere and anytime to discuss the issue.

“What we will not accept is a situation where the North is made defensive so that it agrees with everything else other people contribute,” he said.

He also stated that Nigeria needed to be fixed, adding the situation should be well analysed and approached with the best interest of all Nigerians.

“That is why I won’t get involved in any discussion on whether we should maintain the 36 states structure.

“Let us put Nigeria on the table and find out what is not working for all Nigerians, I think that is the way to go,” he said.

Dr Baba-Ahmed explained further that there are two basic problems about Nigerians in understanding restructuring, saying that some people weaponise it without understanding the concept, practice, and ideals while some elite peddle falsehood against the North.

“Northerners have never opposed anything on the basis of ignorance,” he said.