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Nine things to know about the new electronic temporary passport

The Federal Government has inaugurated an electronic temporary passport to replace the Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) for effective identity management.

The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, said the temporary passport is an electronic document with all the features of a regular passport.

Aregbesola said the new passport will allow Nigerian citizens abroad to return home without disturbance at borders.

Below are some key points you should know about the Nigeria Temporary Passport:

When was it launched?

The Nigeria Temporary Passport (NTP) was launched on Tuesday in Abuja to replace the paper-based based Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC).

ICAO compliant

The temporary passport is ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) compliant and is valid for only 30 days, after a period of 30 days, you’ll have to apply for a new temporary passport.

One time pass

The temporary passport is a one-time pass and will be retrieved by the immigrations service after a traveller has arrived his/her destination.

Issued by embassies outside Nigeria

The temporary passport is issued to citizens by embassies and high commissions outside the country

Replacement to ETC

The temporary passport is a replacement for the hitherto Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) issued to Nigerians in emergency situations where their passports were not available and had the need to travel to Nigeria.

Not a replacement for the original passport

This new document is not a replacement for the Nigerian passport; it’ll only serve a temporary purpose in the case of loss or misplacement of the Nigerian passport by a Nigerian abroad.

Checkmate crime

In the light of the present security challenges faced by the country, the temporary passport will be used to checkmate the excess of criminal elements taking advantage of the ETC to infiltrate the country

Electronic chip

The temporary passport has an electronic chip embedded in it, the chip contains information about the traveller just like the standard Nigerian passport.

Dark blue in colour

Unlike the standard Nigerian passport which is green in colour, the temporary passport is dark blue. The Nigerian Government is, however, yet to release any information about the cost of the temporary passport.