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Nigerian men, look the world has changed!

Nigerian men, we have problems. Sometimes I believe it is our involvement in politics that is drawing this country back. And many of us are…

Nigerian men, we have problems. Sometimes I believe it is our involvement in politics that is drawing this country back. And many of us are so chauvinistic, in a way that could only expose our weaknesses.  Ask most Nigerian men to give women an opportunity and they go daggers-drawn. Yet, in spite of the Diezanis and the Stella Oduahs of this world, it is a fact that women are more focused and are better managers of resources. Often, they are more intelligent. Our culture is killing us. This idea that we are invincible, or are stronger than women and can do and undo, is becoming our Achilles heel. It is resulting – as it always has – in men dying early and leaving their wives and children when they are most needed. It is resulting in men getting into public offices and in a bid to show how valiant they are, becoming reckless looters of public patrimony. It just cannot be right.
I wrote about how Nigerian men are not learning from life and death when Minister Ocholi James died. A nice man he was, and therefore his death was to remind us of our vulnerability. One would have expected Nigerian politicians to be more sober and humble, but no chance!  Not even under Baba’s government. 
Nigerian men swung back forcefully into power with Baba’s victory; most of them in their old and middle ages (the ages of prejudice and pride respectively). They shoved back the women who had made great advances under Jonathan, and of course the youth were totally marginalised. Baba’s cabinet is effectively an old people’s club. Not a bad idea, if it delivers. Alas, they lack energy. And the psychology that goes with macho men at those ages, encourages them to bully others.
It is in this manner I want to talk about the three House of Reps members who are currently being accused by the US Government of molesting a hotel room cleaner and soliciting prostitutes. These guys have denied vehemently, and I have read their accounts – a couple of them have strong points. But let us unpack the psychology of a Nigerian man – especially a Nigerian man who has become extremely ‘rich through politics, who can no longer be questioned but is worshipped by the people. There may be lessons to learn from what is going on.
It is a fact that Nigerian men – most of them; and especially the ones in politics – show many signs of moral bankruptcy. Power gets into our heads easily, and so does the money that we do not really work for. Molesting women when they can, is no big deal to them. After all, in Nigeria here, women throw themselves at people in political offices because of the chances of getting rich themselves. Too many people are seeking jobs and other favours here.
The last time I tried to get into the National Assembly on my own, I saw the inhuman treatment that lesser Nigerians are being subjected to by these big men in office. It is disgusting. That they have got away with this type of practice in Nigeria, can lead them into hubris and make them carry such behavior to foreign countries. Even if these guys were totally innocent – and they couldn’t be 100% clean in these matters – this is a great time to learn and change our behavior at home.
So, it is accepted that Nigerian men have that bad habit of wanting to prove their sexual prowess with women of different lands, and their first priority whenever they leave Nigeria, is to ‘mark register’. Many men boast of how many women from how many countries they have slept with, and many never outgrow this idea of measuring their macho-ness in this manner. 
But the counter fact is that the world is changing and we must take notice. Women are now getting more and more skimpy, walking around naked and damning the consequences. But when a man makes the mistake of merely looking at them too intensely, the world has been known to come down hard on such men. Men have lost their rights entirely in this world. No one is advocating for us at all.
Men are expected to maintain the stolidity of a wood carving as women unleash their sexuality on everyone of us in the name of freedom. Yes, freedom. Yet any attempt to breach the way they have arranged their societies abroad, you will find out they are not free at all. Nigeria is by far freer than the United States of America. In the US, people are judged based on any and everything. 
Everything is color-coded and one will be surprised at the meanings they extract from the most innocent of gestures. This is one of the reasons divorce rate is so high in that country.
We should know these changes and guide ourselves and our sons, else they may end up swelling the population of US jails since we all like to send them there. There is a reason why there are more black men in US jails than there are in universities.
In this specific incidence, the Reps were sent on a training sponsored by the US government. The US government – according to the account of one of the Reps – refused for their wives to stay with them (so he had to check his wife and child into another hotel nearby). Now this account from Hon Gbile from Benue State,is very very odd. What kind of training would one attend that will discriminate against one’s family?
Is it a military commission? If this is true, it should put one on alert that these Reps may have been bugged or may have been trailed the moment they entered the US. Many of these ‘awoof’ trainings are also avenues for spooks to recruit politicians from Africa who are willing to work against their country, in exchange for a green card or free passage for their families. There is always a catch.
If they were trailed, then the US would have accurate information about these guys. However I see the plausibility of the claim by Hon Sam Ikon, that the Nigerian delegation never went near the car park, and that asking the victims to identify who was who from pictures is a stupid way of accusing someone. To white people at least, all blacks look alike. So we have to go slow here.
I haven’t seen the response from Hon Gololo whose alleged pass at (or attempted rape of) a cleaner sparked the whole trouble – for without the allegation of rape, the car park attendants would have allowed the sin of solicitation pass. If Gololo made a pass, then he is toying with jail.
In all, we should notice the fact that politics in Nigeria is a sorry mess. These accused guys are from different tribes and regions of Nigeria, as well as different political parties. Someone said when it comes to embezzlement and silly pranks, Nigerian politicians come together in solidarity, but not when it comes to serving or helping the people. One of their implausible defenses that they were not accused of these crimes in the US. I think the Reps should thank their stars that they were allowed to leave the US. Or perhaps the US just didn’t want any diplomatic row. If they had been charged there they must sleep in jail for a spell. Nigerian men, take caution. The world out there has changed, and it is crazy!

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