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Nguru residents lament hike in bread price

Residents of Nguru town in Yobe State are being forced to change their menu following the sudden hike in the price of bread.

Kanem Trust investigation revealed that the price of the most common food among the population has recently increased from N150  to N200 for an average loaf.

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Aminu Sale, a trader, told Kanem Trust that he was forced to drop bread from his breakfast menu and replace it with a cheaper alternative following the price increase.

Another resident, who simply gave his name as Dayyabu, said when his children insisted that he should buy bread for them as usual he instead bought cabin biscuits because he found it cheaper and persuaded to use that.

Also commenting, Rabiu Ramu, a tea seller said that he has noticed a little drop in the number of his customers since the rise in the price of bread.

“You know both single and family men preferred bread to any food, because it is less costly but many cannot afford to buy it at this price now because of the rise in the price.

“It will take at least two to three months before people can cope with the current price,” he said.

However, Alhaji Aminu Barde, a bakery owner, told Kanem Trust that their association was forced to increase the price because they realised that they were running at a loss.

He said there was an increase in the price of not only flour but other ingredients for making bread such as sugar and butter in the last three months.