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Never delay pursuing your dreams – Lami Patrick

Mrs Lami Patrick is the Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development Adamawa State; she is a politician and has served for over 17 years in different political capacities.

She was born on February 6, 1966 into the family of Late Ahmed Shaibu from Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State.


Educational background

My early education started in Old Government Reservation Area (GRA) primary school in Yola, where I obtained my First School Leaving Certificate.

I gained admission into the Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Yola and completed in 1986.

I proceeded to Kaduna State Polytechnic where I bagged a Diploma in Public Administration and subsequently obtained a Higher National Diploma in Public Administration from the same institution.


Career background

I was a teacher at Best Start School, a private institution in Kaduna State. I later resigned and ventured into politics.

In 2003, I contested for the position of Gombi Local Government Council Chairman but it was to no avail.

In 2007, I was appointed Special Assistant to the Governor on Political Enlightenment and Mobilization up till 2008.

Later that year, I was appointed as a part-time member of the Post Primary Schools Management Board, a position I occupied until 2012.

I was then appointed the Coordinator of Northeast Women in Politics Abuja Forum; I held the position from 2014 to 2016. Currently, I serve as the Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development in Adamawa State with the support of the Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, more needs of the women are met in the state.

My work in various capacities has helped me to develop myself, have a sense of belonging, and relate with people better.


Growing up years

Growing up was wonderful. Although I had a little challenge, my school was far from home, so trekking to school every day was not easy.

Sometimes, I don’t desire to go to school, but my mother compelled me even though my parents were underprivileged.

Life lessons

I have learned how to be patient, tolerate with people despite them having a harsh or calm attitude.

I don’t mind whatever situation I find myself in, I keep calm to get a solution to whatever problem.


Aspirations growing up

While growing up, what I aspired to be is what I am doing now.


Fond childhood memories

My father loves me so much because I was the only girl in the family of six.

Whenever he goes out, he buys me chicken and gives strict instructions to my brothers not to come close to me.

He always warned them to allow me to eat it alone.


Life challenges

One challenge I had was schooling and managing a home.

It was tasking, ensuring meals were ready at the set time, preparing the children for school, attending to their father, etc. it wasn’t all easy but God gave me grace.

I want to encourage women who combine family and career roles to be strong and committed.

Once they have a plan and keep to it, everything will be easy.

Another challenge I had which was eminent in the core north back then was that women were not allowed to contest or engage in politics.

People in the region see any woman involved in politics as a foreigner.

They saw politics as dirty and never wanted women to be part of it at that time.

While some encouraged me, some told my father that he should not allow me.

When I had a conversation with my father in that regard, I assured him to trust me since he brought me up well.

He sort for my husband’s opinion and my husband told my father he already permitted me since I had the passion.

The issue of gender-based violence and rape are gradually becoming a menace in our country.

More sensitization and measures should be put in place to curb the situation.

Furthermore, no Nigerian child deserves to be deprive or suffer, as such, more awareness should be created and their needs met because every child has the right to education, shelter, clothing and survival.


What my day is like

I say my prayers when I wake up, next, I wake everyone in the house to pray. After that, I engage in my usual routine.


Most cherished gift

A ram my dad sent a ram from Adamawa to Kaduna when I gave birth. It was amazing.


Best travel destination

Ondo State.

My best mode of relaxation

Studying and meditating on the word of God

Last good book read I read

The Holy Bible and it has transformed my life.

What is your best food?

Semovita and draw soup

My definition of style

Style is comfort. I prefer long gowns

Favourite perfume


Mum’s advice that has stuck with me over years

Before my mum passed, she told me to bring my stepbrothers close to me, take care of them, and love them as if she gave birth to all of them.

My favourite sport, colour and weather

For sport/exercise, it’s walking, my favourite colour is red and for weather, I prefer a rainy day because I prefer cold weather.

My favourite day of the week

Sunday, because I go to church, sing, dance, and appreciate God for the day.


Being alive is one of my greatest achievements.

Secondly, influencing the lives of so many others in their desired field of endeavours.

Life legacies

A woman that inspires others to be a better version of themselves.

My role models

Barrister Ebere Ifendu, she encouraged me to be what I am today.

Previously, I use to be a shy person, I don’t talk too much, but she encouraged me to start opening up. Margret Thatcher, I admire her lifestyle and zeal.


My advice to women

Be hardworking, patient, and never sit idle.

Have something to do and never depend on anyone.

Learn to be yourself, never wait for your spouse or delay to pursue your dreams.

Be humble, self-reliant, and supportive of your family.


What would you tell a younger you?

Be yourself