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Need for FCT Wider Planning Commission

Initially, those coming into Abuja were either coming for economic, administrative or recreational purposes. 

Now because insecurity has aggravated the influx of people as they believe the FCT is more secure, the fear is that if this trend continues, it means in the next 10 to 20 years the growth of FCT, if not checked, may become very disturbing.

However, it is not possible for FCT alone to manage this impending implosion. It has to do it along with states that are contiguous to it. The quantum of people living outside Abuja’s city centre is evidenced by the huge traffic in and out of the city at peak hours. Some even live in Kaduna and commute to Abuja daily.

To manage this, the FCT has to go back to its original regional plan that foresaw all these. Now this highlights  the need for the setting up of an FCT Wider Planning Commission.

The wider areas in that document suggested that Kaduna in the North, Lokoja in the South, Akwanga in the East, are the focal areas of influence for FCT.

Meaning that the Mararraba that we are seeing might merge with Keffi in Nasarawa State, and if development along this corridor is not controlled or organised, we may  be in the process of seeing one of the world’s largest slums.

It is not only an issue for the FCT but also for other states and the federal government.

Esv. Adamu Kasimu,  Adamu Kasimu  Associates, Maitama, Abuja