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Missing Trump’s comedy

US President, Donald J. Trump.

Today January 20, 2021 marks the end of tenure of President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the global leader, and most liberal and strongest democracy, the United States of America.

It is a great day when the world will again witness a peaceful and smooth transition of power from one democratically elected government to another and one of those many occasions where the US often justifies that the will of the people remains supreme.

Bringing the end of President Trump’s dramatic tenure,  specifically the structure of the elections to the transition process, came with a lot of interesting but controversial and horrible yet strange and phenomenal developments that the whole world would continue to recount.

Memories of events and scenarios, most interesting being the person of the Republican President, his jovial nature and idealism, and character and dreadfulness would overwhelmingly top the list of happenings and events that already stand to be greatly missed!

His alien culture during the rounds of debates in the buildup to the elections with his Democrat challenger and now President of the United, President Joe Biden was, indeed, a watershed. Contrary to the usual tradition during debates, the session this time was derailed by a tormenting amount of insults and baseless criticisms that not only surprised millions of Americans but other people around the world.

His arrogance, compounded by an outrageous behaviour, sometimes made me to ask whether he used to forget when he is on camera.

His zigzag on the novel coronavirus pandemic, accusations and allegations against international institutions and organisations especially the US withdrawal from the WHO and the mantra of making America Great were some of the greatest dilemma with him.

Interestingly, he will be remembered as one of the media-exposed presidents, always active on his Twitter handle and one of the few American presidents that did not go to war with any country throughout his tenure. All hail Trump as you depart the White House, enjoy a happy life in good health!

Yusuf Mairiga Shekarau writes from Yelwa, Plateau State